UHC Game Modes


The Standard game mode is as basic as it gets. Simple rules. You are assigned on a random team of a predetermined amount of people. Teams will be spread out throughout the map evenly, and at random. At spawn, there will be a spawn chest with goodies which may be able to give you an advantage to win you the game! If you are feeling like taking a risk, go for the chest, but watch out! Other teams are also hunting for the chest! Craft, Mine, and Fight your way to be the last person/team standing, and take the win! Most other game modes are based off of this Standard mode, with some variations.


Free-For-All is exactly how it sounds. Every man/woman for themselves. No teaming is allowed, and the last person standing wins.


Infected is a variation of Free-For-All, in which everyone is infected except for one person. The person who is not infected is randomly chosen at the beginning of the game. For those unlucky people who are infected, they will lose 1 heart every 10 minutes. Watch out, and don't take too much damage, or else your infection will end up killing you! However, if you happen to kill the immune player, You will become immune! If you craft a compass, It will help you track down the immune player!

Super Friends

Ever dream of having Super Powers? Well you will get to in Super Friends! There are 6 powers available, and each person on every team will be assigned one of those 6 powers. The 6 powers are as follows:

  1. Super Strength: You will deal more damage!
  2. Super Speed: You will run and mine faster!
  3. Super Resistance: You have a resistance to damage and fire!
  4. Super Jump: You will be able to jump higher!
  5. Super Invisibility: You will be Invisible!
  6. Super Health: You will spawn with extra health hearts, but move slower!


In The Mole mode, one person from each team is assigned to be "The Mole." The Mole's job is to sabotage their team to the best of their efforts, and team up with the other Moles to win the game. Each Mole is given extra supplies from the start to help with sabotaging their team, but be careful! If your team find out you have those items, your identity will be revealed, and your team mates will kill you!

Point Mode

Point mode is played through either Free-For-All, or Teams, however the basis is the same for both versions. For every Iron, Diamond, Gold, Lapis, Redstone, and Emerald Ores you mine, you will get points. You will also get points for killing hostile mobs, as well as players. After every 10 minutes, the player with the lowest points will be kicked! So mine and slay as much as you can, or you might just be eliminated!

Mystery Teams

Mystery Teams is exactly how it sounds. You don't know who your team is! At the start of the game, all players are given a colored wool. The only way to identify yourself with your team members, is if you have the same colored wool as them. However, players have to be willing to show their wool. If no wool is showed, and you happen to group up with someone, you could be on opposite teams! Friendly fire is also on, So killing your team mates is also a possibility! Be careful, and always ask someone to show their wool!

Experience Drop

In Experience Drop, You'll want to have tons of EXP! After a Certain amount of Time, You will lose a predetermined amount of EXP! If you don't have that much EXP to lose, You will be killed instead! You'll want to think twice about getting that extra Sharpness sword, or putting your Iron Boots to Protection I!

Gold Rush

Gold Rush completely changes UHC. Instead of Getting Diamonds and Emeralds, you get Gold, and Instead of Getting Iron and Redstone, You get Coal! All combat in this mode will be Fought in either Leather Armor, Or Gold Armor!

Nether Fight

In Nether Fight, Going to the nether is a MUST! If you do not go to the nether after a certain amount of time has passed, you will take damage over time, and eventually you WILL be killed! so get your diamond picks ready, go to the nether, and Fight!

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Config Options

Boz's UHC plugin has a few customizable, configurable options. These options include whether or not there is a Spawn Chest, Nametags On or Off, Shared Health, Border size, Border shrink speed, Health Bars on tab, and a few other miscellaneous options that will make every game different and enjoyable!

Race to the End

Race to the End isn't your Normal UHC! In this game mode, it doesn't matter who is last alive, instead, It's who can kill the Ender Dragon First! So be ready to scour the Border for the Fortress, Farm for Ender Pearls and Blaze Powder to get the Ender Eyes, and Slay the Dragon!


Paranoia Mode is similar to normal mode, However, whenever you mine gold, diamond, start enchanting, kill people, etc, Your Coordinates are revealed to everyone! Watch your back, Other teams might be hunting you down!

Invis War

Invis war has the Same Rule set as Standard UHC, However, everyone has Invisibilty at their disposal, but at a cost. If you are willing to sacrifice 5 levels of Experience, you can turn invisible for 3 minutes! To do this, just type "/poof" in chat, and your 5 levels of experience will be taken away, and you will be invisible for 3 minutes!